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Connect any device to 2,000+ cellular networks in 195 countries through one eSIM platform.
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The World's First True eSIM Platform

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Network vulnerabilities related to phone numbers & SMS are a serious threat to IoT security. Teal’s patented technology eliminates these vulnerabilities. Combined with custom VPNs, this industry-first network is built from the ground up as the most secure connectivity solution in the market.

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Teal’s platform is built to scale and evolve with the IoT industry. Unlike other solutions, our coverage options expand over time, with 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M and NB-IoT today, and 5G tomorrow. Once Teal’s eSIM is in your device, it can stay in that device for 15-20+ years lifecycle with no physical maintenance, even as devices move globally.


Teal is on a mission to end roaming and connect any device to any global carrier automatically. With our eSIM tech, customers can automate connectivity based on variables such as price, coverage maps, and network quality. We enable unparalleled ability for devices owners to control what networks they get connected on.



Teal’s platform enables IoT devices to connect on over 2,000+ home-equivalent networks in 195 
countries –  ending roaming once and for all. No other platform has more operator agreements today.

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CEO, Publicly Traded IoT Partner

"Ground breaking technology and extremely innovative solution."


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