Ascend IMS Voice Services for IoT

A globally available inbound and outbound cloud-based voice solution that works with any data network technology.

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Ascend IMS Voice is based on the same technology as VoLTE, but instead of tying the phone number to the carrier network, it moves with your devices. This means the phone number is separate from the network or carrier your device is connected to.

Across Technologies

It's never been easier to add voice to an IoT solution. Ascend IMS Voice is compatible with conventional cellular networks (2G, 3G, 4G), low-powered networks (LTE-M), private networks (Private LTE), WiFi, and networks of the future (5G). 

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Globally Available

Rate plans are available for virtually any phone number prefix and region across the globe in 196 countries. 

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Who Qualifies for this Service?

Existing Teal customers can take advantage of this feature and add voice to the thousands of data networks available through Teal's eSIM platform. Others looking to add voice services to their IoT solution without relying on traditional circuit-switch voice also qualifiy for this service. 

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