Teal for Tier 1 Device Operators

Teal for Tier 1 allows enterprises to customize, orchestrate and own cellular connectivity in a truly unprecedented way. Break free from conventional operator limitations and take control of your connectivity.


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Customize Connectivity

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Leverage Existing Connectivity Agreements

Teal's platform makes it easy for Tier 1 device operators to leverage their own network agreements in our platform. If you're a device operator already has an agreement but wants to expand coverage to include additional networks - all through one platform. 

Who Qualifies for this Program?

Upscale, encrypt, and secure data traffic from HTTP/TCP/UDP to MQTT through Teal's MQTT Broker. 

How it Works

Connecting IoT devices to the internet usually requires a relay server or the installation of a device-side SDK.


With Meerkat, you can transmit data directly from devices to leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services. Meerkat removes the need to store passwords on devices, and enables access to AWS with minimal setup or in-field maintenance.


Meerkat also allows the use of lighter HTTP, TCP, and UDP protocols. Teal will automatically convert to secure protocols for delivery to AWS, also reducing total power and bandwidth requirements.

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